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Thoughtful Ways to Plan a Sustainable Wedding With an Eco-Friendly Theme

Updated: Apr 28

An average three-day Indian wedding produces about 700–800 kilos of wet waste and 1,500 kilos of dry waste! 

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Your wedding day is one of the most special and memorable days of your life. It's a celebration of love and commitment, but it can also have a significant impact on the environment. From the carbon emissions of travel to the waste generated by decorations and food, weddings can be quite wasteful!

The grandeur of Indian weddings is undeniable, but what if we told you that creating a magical celebration doesn't have to come at the cost of our beautiful planet?  A wave of eco-conscious millennials is redefining the Big Fat Indian Wedding, proving that extravagance and sustainability can go hand-in-hand.  This shift is not just about embracing intimate ceremonies – luxurious destination weddings can be crafted with a green heart, too.  Let's delve into how you can plan a wedding that celebrates your love story while honoring the environment!

Picture tables adorned with decorations made from earth-friendly materials or having locally sourced handicraft items which are biodegradable in nature make an elegant showstopper for your guest rooms! These seemingly small choices make a big difference in reducing your wedding's carbon footprint.

Are you ready to explore how your wedding can be both luxurious and sustainable?

Why Have a Sustainable Wedding?

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Did you know the average wedding generates a shocking 180-270 KG of garbage

That's a lot of waste! Weddings leave behind a hefty carbon footprint too – around 63 tons of CO2 emissions. That's equivalent to driving a car for a whole year! 

Let's change that! Try to shrink your wedding's carbon footprint and make it an earth-friendly celebration - Greenmyna recommends ⬇️

Think: planting trees, supporting wind power initiatives, animal waste management, and renewable energy initiatives.

Support Sustainable Practices

By choosing sustainable options for your wedding, you are supporting businesses and practices that prioritize the well-being of the planet. This can include using eco-friendly materials, supporting local and organic vendors, and reducing waste.

Set a Good Example

  • Your wedding is a chance to showcase your values and inspire others to make more sustainable choices. By having a sustainable wedding, you can set a good example for your guests and encourage them to make more environmentally conscious decisions in their own lives!

Sustainable Wedding Planning Tips

Choose a Sustainable Venue

Dreaming of saying "I do" amidst nature's beauty? Opt for a destination wedding in a lush forest or serene beachfront. Not only does this minimize the need for excessive decorations, but it also reduces travel emissions when guests stay on-site.

When looking for a sustainable option, consider venues that have eco-friendly practices in place, such as using renewable energy, composting, or sourcing food locally.

You can also opt for an outdoor wedding, which not only reduces the need for electricity but also allows you to take advantage of natural lighting and scenery. Just be sure to choose a location that is easily accessible for your guests to minimize travel emissions.

Opt for Sustainable Flowers: Fresh and Fabulous

Support local growers by sourcing your wedding blooms from nearby florists. Seasonal flowers not only look stunning but also reduce the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation. You can also choose to use potted plants as centerpieces, which can be repurposed after the wedding.

Consider Sustainable Wedding Favors and Gifting: The Indian Way

  • Shagun with a Purpose: In place of traditional gifts, kindly suggest a donation to a charity dear to your hearts. It's a beautiful way to spread joy beyond your celebration.

  • Sustainable Favors: Delight guests with thoughtful favors like plantable seed packets, handcrafted items from local artisans, or small treats from eco-conscious brands.

  • The Gift of Experiences: Consider gifting experiences that promote well-being or connect guests to nature, such as a yoga retreat voucher or a donation towards planting trees.

Choose a Sustainable Wedding Lehenga or Sari:

Your wedding attire is a statement piece, and it can also reflect your commitment to the environment. Consider a lehenga or sari crafted from sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, handloom weaves, or ahimsa silk (where silkworms are not harmed). You could explore stunning pre-loved options, rent a designer outfit for the occasion, or even repurpose a cherished family heirloom.

Plan a Sustainable Menu: Minimize Food Waste at Your Indian Wedding

In India, up to 30% of wedding food goes uneaten! Let's change that! These tips will help you create a delicious and sustainable wedding menu that respects the environment.

  • Local & Seasonal Delights: Partner with caterers who source fresh, seasonal ingredients from Indian farmers. This guarantees delicious flavors and reduces your carbon footprint.

  • Mindful Portions:  Embrace thali or family-style service for better portion control and a communal dining experience.

  • Partner Against Waste: Choose a caterer committed to sustainability. Discuss portion sizes, food donation options, and composting strategies.

Use Eco-Friendly Decorations: Minimalist Decor

When it comes to decorations, opt for eco-friendly options such as biodegradable confetti, recycled paper invitations, and LED lights. Get creative with DIY projects using recycled materials, such as mason jar centerpieces or upcycled pallet furniture.You can also use natural elements such as potted plants, branches, and flowers to add a touch of nature to your wedding.

Managing Waste Responsibly: Waste Management, the Desi Way

Imagine the grandeur of your wedding, the vibrant colors, the joyful picture piles of discarded food and overflowing bins.  Sadly, this is a reality for many Indian weddings. The good news? With a few smart choices, you can plan a wedding that's both stunning and sustainable. Here's how to manage waste responsibly:

  • Recycle and Compost Champions: Set up clearly marked recycling and composting bins throughout the venue. Partner with vendors who understand waste management (keywords: recycling, composting, Indian weddings).

  • Leftovers with a Mission: Don't let good food go to waste! Connect with local food banks or shelters to donate extra food and spread some cheer (keywords: food donation, Indian wedding leftovers)

Minimize Travel Emissions

Travel is a significant contributor to carbon emissions, so consider ways to minimize it for your wedding. You can choose a venue that is easily accessible by public transportation, encourage carpooling, or offset the carbon emissions of travel by donating to a carbon offset program.

Sustainable Honeymoon Ideas

Your wedding was a celebration of love and sustainability. Why not extend that magic to your honeymoon? Here are some ways to make it an unforgettable and eco-friendly adventure!

Sustainable Honeymoon Hotspots

  • Embrace India's Eco-Treasures: Explore wildlife sanctuaries, pristine beaches, or lush hill stations. Discover eco-lodges nestled in nature, supporting local communities (keywords: eco-friendly honeymoon India, wildlife sanctuaries, eco-lodges)

  • Volunteer Vacations with a Purpose: Combine romance with giving back. Opt for a volunteer experience focused on conservation or community development projects (keywords: volunteer vacations India, conservation tourism)

Real-Life Examples of Sustainable Weddings! - The Greenmyna way

Malvika & Sankalp's Eco-Elegant Udaipur Wedding

Picture this: a gorgeous fort in Udaipur, but with a sustainable twist! That's exactly what Malvika and Sankalp envisioned.  Determined to minimize their celebration's environmental impact, they brought in the experts at Greenmyna as their sustainability consultants.

The results were stunning!

Instead of plastic, the decor featured vibrant fabrics and locally sourced flowers! Guests were delighted with plantable seed packets as gifts, and everyone joined in a tree-planting ceremony to leave a lasting, green legacy.

Greenmyna helped Malvika and Sankalp prove that a luxurious Indian wedding can also be a celebration of the planet. It was a win for love and a win for the environment!

Some modern Indian wedding practices that promote sustainability include:

  • Sharing the cost of the wedding equally

  • Involving everyone in the milni, including women

  • Having a female priestess instead of a priest

  • Having the mother perform ceremonies with the bride/groom

Bonus Tip

To further enhance the sustainability of your wedding, consider implementing a "Leave No Trace" policy. Encourage guests to reduce waste by bringing reusable items like water bottles, cutlery, and bags. Provide recycling and composting stations to make it easy for guests to dispose of waste properly. By promoting these sustainable practices, you can minimize the environmental impact of your special day and inspire others to do the same.

Conclusion: Your Dream Shaadi Will Be A Gift To Mother Earth!

Planning a sustainable wedding doesn't mean sacrificing the beauty or joy of your celebrations. It's about thoughtful choices that celebrate your love and respect the environment. From choosing a venue with green practices to incorporating eco-friendly décor,  you can turn your wedding into a stunning showcase of sustainability.

Remember, every small step counts! 

By making mindful choices, you contribute to a greener future for generations to enjoy. Let your wedding be both a beautiful celebration and a legacy of love for our planet

Need help with planning your dream Indian wedding? Contact us now!

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