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Nupur Agarwal

Nupur Agarwal, Wife-in-Charge

Marketing consultant by profession and ragpicker by passion, Nupur brings a combination of her love for the environment and her professional experience to the table. She thoroughly researches every detail and makes sure Greenmyna's services stay in tune with market trends. Nupur also comes with a unique set of negotiation skills that come in handy when convincing family (read: parents, spouse-to-be, vendors, etc.) to think environment and go the extra mile.

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Ashwin Malwade, Husband-in-Chief

A sailor who has seen firsthand the deep-rooted problems caused by marine debris. Driven by his desire to eliminate plastic pollution from the face of the Earth, he navigates our ship to unexplored ideas for everyday and special day sustainability.
His super powers include people skills, which enables Greenmyna to have a wide network of vendors and clients - who are all good friends now.

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Praneet Ramteke, Event & Project Manager 

As a Sustainable Event and Project Manager, he gets to combine his organizational skills with his love for the planet. He is always looking for ways to make events more sustainable, and it brings him joy to incorporate eco-friendly practices into his everyday life. His mission is to make a difference, one event and one green choice at a time. 


Shubham R Sharma, Project coordinator

Shubham is an event management and production professional, with a wide range of experience orchestrating memorable experiences. He has been an active participant in beach cleanups, donation campaigns and tree planting activities. He loves music and travel... and travelling while listening to his favourite playlist!

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Maansi Desai, Business development

Maansi is a dedicated mother with a passion for making a positive impact in her community. She is a co-founder of "Carter CleanUp" - a citizen's movement focused on environmental conservation and cleanliness. In addition to her activism, Maansi is also an artist who expresses her creativity through various mediums. "The reason I joined Greenmyna is because I believe in the ethos of the company and want to leave a greener planet for the next generations to come."

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