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About greenmyna

Hello and welcome to our site! We are Nupur & Ashwin, the husband and wife team behind greenmyna. Here’s a little bit about us...


We met and fell in love while cleaning Versova beach. We were just two of the hundreds of volunteers who got together every weekend in an attempt to clear the beach of all the plastic and garbage. Our mutual love for the environment and commitment to living more sustainably were the foundations of our partnership.


Naturally, when we decided to get married, our commitment to each other too had to be sealed in the most eco-friendly way possible. But it was while we were planning our wedding that we realised some of the hurdles that could serve as a deterrent for other couples who wanted to go green on their big day. And that is how the idea for greenmyna was born.


Let us help you make your special day even more special! Our services are customised according to your needs, helping you do your best to step into your holy union on a green footing!

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